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Bud Azzopardi
Founder, Hope For Mental Health

First and foremost, Family and Friends are of the most importance to Bud. Being born and raised in the Town of Ajax, many Friendships and Business Relationships have been formed over the years. Although Ajax is no longer His home, Bud still spends a great deal of time with Family, Friends, Business Associates and Community Groups in Ajax and surrounding areas. Bud is blessed with great Family & Friends. From working for the Town of Ajax for 11 years and being self employed since 1995, He is hoping that all the People that has come across His path over the years, will come together and support the Mission of Hope For Mental Health.

Thank You to Everyone who has been involved and continues to be involved since Our launch in April, 2017.

Looking forward to forming many “Proud Partnerships” in the future to continue the success of helping Individuals struggling with Mental Health Challenges on a daily basis.

General Information

Hope For Mental Health is a Grass Roots Initiative that has been in the planning stages since 2012. Mental Health affects all of us! Before this Initiative could be launched, the right people, community activist and business partners had to believe in the mission and come on board for it to be successful. Fortunately, that is happening and the launch of www.HopeForMentalHealth.com is now a reality.

HopeForMentalHealth.com will be the “Gateway Portal”, via the internet, for individuals who are having mental health challenges, no matter how big or small they are.

There will be a vast amount of information and lots of contact resources available for anyone struggling with Mental Health Issues to easily navigate and find the help and support they require.

There will be many success stories and videos to help Individuals gain the confidence to know that they are not alone and there is help and support.

There will be links to every group and organization that is involved in the well-being of Individuals struggling with Mental Health Issues.

There will be plenty of information for family members and friends to learn about Mental Health Issues, Addiction Issues, Bullying and more.

Most of us are very blessed. However, at anytime, any one of us can struggle with or witness loved ones struggle with Mental Health Issues. We are all in this together! Most importantly, NO ONE is alone!

“Together, Lets End the Stigma”
Wishing Everyone Health & Happiness
Bud Azzopardi – Founder

Our Mission

  • To become a household name in a very short time.
  • To become the website of choice to visit and access the help and support Individuals may need.
  • To lobby our education system, our politicians and the government, requesting that they get serious when it comes to Individuals struggling with Mental Health.
  • To educate society and bring awareness to the reality of Mental Health Issues that surround us daily.
  • To have advertising, education and informational literature readily available at schools, community centres, churches and other public places at all times.
  • To welcome all Individuals who want to be part of and/or financially support the www.HopeForMentalHealth.com Initiative. All forms of support, big or small, that will help support this grass roots Foundation are greatly appreciated.

Financial Accountability & Responsibilities

We are in the process of obtaining our Not For Profit Charitable Designation. All financial responsibilities are in the care of Bud Azzopardi – Founder of Hope For Mental Health. Currently, there are no paid or salary employed positions with Hope For Mental Health and there are no plans for paid or salary employed positions in the Future. All funds and donations collected are strictly for covering all the operating costs involved with Hope For Mental Health. The many costs presently and in the future are as follows:

  • Website Design & Updating
  • Indoor Trade Show Booth(s)
  • Outdoor Canopy & Display(s)
  • Entry Fees for Trade Shows & Events
  • Enclose Utility Trailer with HFMH Graphics (for transporting Booths & Displays)
  • Printing of Promotional Material
  • Advertising & Marketing Costs
  • Social Media Campaigns
  • Discount Card Programs & Promotions

If we are fortunate enough to raise more money then it is needed to cover the above operational costs, Hope for Mental Health will reach out to various organizations and financially help them purchase items or supplies they need. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

Friends of Hope for Mental Health

Visit this page to hear our Friends of Hope For Mental Health talk about their personal experiences with mental health issues. Let’s keep talking. Let’s End the Stigma.

Donate to Hope for Mental Health

Visit our Donate page to learn how you can support our efforts.

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