‘Mark Adams Day’: Home Hardware employee with Down syndrome celebrated on 25th anniversary
By Jessica Patton and Caryn Lieberman – Global News

Mark Adams has been working at the Home Hardware store in Orillia for 25 years and the town and business wanted to celebrate him in a big way.

In the town of Orillia, at the local Home Hardware, there was a celebration on Monday morning, complete with balloons, cake and around two hundred local residents.

Mark Adams, born and raised in the town, celebrated his 25-year anniversary as employee at the store. A milestone that would be worth celebrating for anyone, but even more special for someone like Mark, who has Down syndrome.

“Mark is family,” said Chris Locke, second-generation owner of the Home Hardware. “Mark is the kind of guy that brings a smile to our face every single day and it was just a given we were going to do something to honour his 25 years.”

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