By Arti Patel
Senior National Online Journalist, Smart Living Global News

Michigan worker’s email exchange goes viral, brings attention to the importance of mental health in the workplace

We can easily approach our bosses if we think we’re getting a cold, but when it comes to the state of our mental health, employees often have a hard time asking for time off.

After a story of a woman’s e-mail exchange to her CEO asking for mental health days went viral, many social media users brought up the difficulties of talking about their mental health illnesses at work. And while this woman’s courage to ask for days off is a win for ending stigmas around mental health, it is still not something many can do.

There is often a fear of being fired, looking lazy or unproductive, experts say, and sometimes, employers may not be sympathetic or even believe you.

According to a Canadian study from earlier this year, depression and anxiety were the most prevalent mental health conditions that affected employees in the workplace.

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